Kristi GronMark, Portland Interior Designer

About Kristi GronMark

When I step into a room, my wheels immediately start turning with ideas of “If this were my space… what would I do differently?” or “How could this room function better?” My goal as a designer is to create the space you have been daydreaming about. My first priority is to make sure my client get what they want within their budget. Remodeling or designing a new home can be overwhelming; my job is to streamline the process and minimize the stress while we create your dream space. I’ve been dreaming about interior design my whole life. Childhood games centered around imaginary homes, often on the job sites where my father was a General Contractor and Builder. Where others saw dirt, I saw a finished home. This passion and vision is the foundation of Painted Horse Designs and is what drives me to help others realize their dreams. I can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s create the home you’ve been dreaming about.

Design Philosophy

“I love designing, it is something which permeates my whole living, whether it is simply choosing the colour of my clothes in the morning or organizing my household. Design to me is akin to beauty, an externalization of my inner process regarding beauty & contentment with life.” -Martine Moeykens

Interior design is the heartbeat of a project. What good is a structure if the interior is an afterthought? A room or space should draw you in and then it should make you want to stay. Even a laundry room, if designed well, will make you want to go in and see more. Interior design is a way to create a feeling within a living or working space. Whether you want a space to feel sophisticated or playful, it is the feeling that draws us in. Have you ever felt drawn to a particular room in your home? It’s not by accident that we do this. We seek out spaces that make us feel a certain way. For me, the room in any home that has the most natural light is the space that gives me energy; the space that motivates me to get to work. For others it could be the room with cozy couches or the room with the roaring fire place.

A good Interior Designer facilitates communication between a client and builder, while serving as an organizer and creative visionary. Interior Design is truly “one-stop shopping” for a homeowner; we have the answers regarding color, space planning, household appliances, fixtures, furniture, lighting, and more. We are your advocate in what can be an overwhelming process. We can answer your questions without agenda and set your mind at ease, knowing you will always receive honest feedback regarding design.